Name Date of birth Father Mother Sex Nationality

Nacho Vrijthout

Love You Donna De Tembia H BE

Nash Mom

Varenne Rigazig H BE

Histoire Melody

Tucson Melody De Varenne M TF(BE)

Hold Up Pont Royal

Up And Quick Nymphe Perrin H TF(BE)

Newcapitano Turbo

Varenne Clara Turbo H BE


Micro Mesh Saga Boko H BD-TB

Everything Now

Magnificent Rodney Queen Of Hearts H DE

Heading Up High

Charlie Du Noyer Urca Boko H FR

Nostradama Magnus

Micro Mesh United Boshoeve M BE

Nomisty Brigadoon

Make It Happen Ambre Brigadoon H BE

Nora Magnus

Boardwalk Hall Vanessa Boshoeve M BE

Noslulu des Rabots

Johnie Walker N Sibel d'Amour H BE

Hypnotic Smart

Voltigeur De Myrt Lullaby Face M SWE

Nobody Sunshine

Adrian Chip Jealous Again H BE

Harper Smart

Unic Love Firtina Boko R SWE

Kali Smart

Un Amour d' Haufor Olympia Face M NL

Hira De Lahaye

Sam Bourbon Vodka De Lahaye M TF(BE)

Hairos De Lahaye

Amiral Sacha Pearl Du Boscail R TF(BE)

Harco De Lahaye

Jag De Bellouet Aude De Lahaye R TF(BE)

Nic-Nac Vrijthout

Voltigeur De Myrt Olympia Mons H BE

Newt Vrijthout

Orlando Vici Go Love Vrijthout H BE

Nobel Vrijthout

Love You Wild And Fantastic H BE

Nanadu Vrijthout

Bird Parker Amber Transs R M BE

Happy Du Parc

Rachmaninov Seven Qrilla De Tess M TF(BE)

Nitty Gritty SB

Unforgettable Arctic Tomson M BE

Nordic SBVrijthout

Zola Boko Celebrity Connie H BE

Navigator SB

Sam Bourbon Magic Moment H BE

Nickles N Dimes SB

From Above Angel Eyes M BE

Nobilta Hill

Conway Hall Millbar As M BE